Education in Mozambique has particularly suffered the consequences of almost 30 years of war. More than 3000 schools were closed down between 1983 and 1990. The arrival of peace in 1992 brought with it a respite to the education system, but it continues to be a service with serious shortcomings, where almost everything is lacking (schools, teachers, texts, educational material etc..).

Over 650.000 children of schooling age are not enrolled in schools. Many children fail to complete their studies and abandon schools as a result of the limited educational quality, saturation of school classrooms, or their inability to buy uniforms, books or other related costs. In 2004, only 28% of girls and 40% of boys completed their primary education. Moreover, there are great disparities in childrens? access to schooling. Poverty, gender, residence and family educational level greatly influence access to the schooling process.

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