Photography has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Anywhere is good spot for taking photos. I suppose the most important is how you envisage the shot; letting it develop through the viewfinder, waiting for the right light and when it arrives being able to create with it. I prefer the light of dusk, when it arrives time is limited but if you capture that special shot then you know it was worthwhile. Thats the moment for capturing perspective, tones and something which is difficult to express in words but some call magic. 

I'm especially attracted to travel photography probably for the desire to see other realities, different lighting and to be able to capture them.









Everyone is a nomad from their birth. As they grow, some become sedentary and others not. Sedentary people always stay in the same place and see things from the same point of view. They don't move from their home, neither to see nor to live. At any point in their life a sedentary person can change their outlook on life by learning the ways of natural nomads. The transformation from sedentary to nomad involves some necessary pains: the need to learn from scratch almost everything and to start to name things differently. 

Lia schenck

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